• Miranda

Morning Sun

The song van Melody Gardot, Morning Sun, is er een die je net als de schoonheid van de ochtendzon kan pakken. Hij pakt je recht in het hart, even heel confronterend...

dan troostend... opbeurend... en dan je kracht geven om door te gaan.

Prachtig, kippenvel...

Songtekst onder Video

Morning Sun by Melody Gardot There little babe, don't you cry We got that sunny morning waitin' on us now There's a light at the end of the tunnel We can be worry-free Just take it from me Honey child Let me tell you now, child That morning sun is here to greet us With her loving light so warm That morning sun is here to meet us Waitin' on the wakin' up of everyone She ain't gonna quit 'till you're smiling now Lemme tell you, child Lemme tell you, honey child That morning sun Has come to greet ya She's peekin' round the corner Just waitin' just to meet ya Shinin' down on all your troubles Lemme tell ya, child Lemme tell ya, honey child 'Cause this world was made for dreamin' This world was made for you This world made for believin' In all the things you're gonna do Ah, honey child Lemme tell ya now, child

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